Beth Doctor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Minnesota My daughter has several seemingly life threatening experiences most mornings.  The tag that accosted her neck, the brother that invaded her bubble at the bathroom sink, and the dreaded jaws of life: seatbelt pinch.  All of these mishaps add up to my biggest morning fear, lateness. My […]

Donna Professor, Virginia This is a working mom on a “work from home” Friday taking a conference call with my nursling situated close to her “mute button.” This is an attempt at multitasking, a skill that working moms feel like they must master in order to “have it all.” But mostly it feels like I’m […]

Leah Pastor, Illinois I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, trying to finish (well, let’s be honest…START) my sermon for Sunday.  My mind races with many distractions, including (but not limited to): My daughter’s 4th birthday party this weekend.  I should probably start planning. I’m meeting with the Business/ Land owners this Thursday.  Lord, please […]

Jackie Respiratory Therapist, Illinois I’m a health care specialist for Lincare. Lincare is a company that sells home medical equipment. We offer oxygen, CPAPs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. I enter people’s homes and assess them for any respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and sleep apnea. I love what I do, but occasionally struggle […]

Amanda Attorney, Virginia I was texting with a friend one afternoon about work mom frustrations.  We were feeling overwhelmed with the demands of trying to be a good attorneys and great moms at the same time.  “We should start an advocacy firm,” I jokingly told her, “where working moms, with no time or energy to […]