I truly believe that when you have your first baby, two new creatures are born: an adorable new baby, and also a new grown up (mom!).  Never is this new identity more apparent to the Work Mom than on the first day back from maternity leave–whether that’s a couple of weeks or a couple of […]

“Motherhood is big and overwhelming, and we’re so frequently inclined to protect our precious time by setting boundaries and saying no.  But as working moms, I’m learning we gain a unique skill set, and occasionally we need to brush off that sense of imposter syndrome and unleash our energy on the world.  When we share our stories and ideas, we can […]

Work Mom Resources:  The Mama Lifeline As I was reflecting on finding and sharing the best Work Mom resources, I realized this Mother’s Day that I would be missing the most important resource of all if I didn’t share this one:  the mama group text. Since I had my second child, two of my closest […]

Work Mom Resources: Mindful Return I’ve often told the story of my futile attempt to find resources and guidance about returning to work from maternity leave after having my first child.  Surely there’s a good book on this, I thought, though (at the time) there really wasn’t. Thankfully, during some middle of the night Google searches, […]

Work Mom Resources I started Project Work Mom after repeated disappointment in the lack of resources available to working moms returning from maternity leave.  As I pitched the idea to several friends, I was shocked to see that they were all completing a Super Woman size to-do list each day, all while managing to eat […]

At last!  Project Work Mom has joined Twitter. Check out @workmomproject.

Back from Boston and #makethebreastpumpnotsuck #makefamilyleavenotsuck at the MIT Media Lab. Still energized from all the amazing women (and men!) I met and excited for the winners of the competition. I have so much more information and resources and ideas to share in the coming weeks, but in the meantime Work Moms, don’t forget to step out of your […]

Amanda Community Engagement Representative, Be the Match Washington, DC Last night, while my son was going through his bedtime routine, I was listening to a woman talk about her experience with leukemia. She talked about her successful career with a great husband and new baby, and how leukemia stopped her from everything. When she was […]

Beth Doctor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Minnesota My daughter has several seemingly life threatening experiences most mornings.  The tag that accosted her neck, the brother that invaded her bubble at the bathroom sink, and the dreaded jaws of life: seatbelt pinch.  All of these mishaps add up to my biggest morning fear, lateness. My […]

Donna Professor, Virginia This is a working mom on a “work from home” Friday taking a conference call with my nursling situated close to her “mute button.” This is an attempt at multitasking, a skill that working moms feel like they must master in order to “have it all.” But mostly it feels like I’m […]