Why not Work Dads? Or stay at home parents?

Parenting is hard and rewarding and hilarious and exhausting for all parents.  I know that all parents’ stories are worth celebrating, whether they come from parents who work outside the home or those who face the unique challenges of staying at home with children.  However, here I have simply chosen to focus on the stories of the distinct demands of working mothers.  More on Why Work Moms can be found here.

Can I share my own Work Mom story?

Yes!  Please do.  Guidelines for telling your story are found here

Where are you based?

Work Moms are everywhere and I hope to feature a diverse group of them from all over the country (or world!), but I’m based in Charlottesville, Virginia. (More about me here.)

How can I help?

Share your story!  More details on how to do that here
For photographers.  Are you a photog who’s interested in donating your skills to help document our featured Work Moms?  I’d love to hear from you!  You can email me here.  
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