Work Mom Resources:  The Mama Lifeline

As I was reflecting on finding and sharing the best Work Mom resources, I realized this Mother’s Day that I would be missing the most important resource of all if I didn’t share this one:  the mama group text. Since I had my second child, two of my closest friends and I have kept a group text running. We have six kids between the three of us, we all work, we don’t all live in the same city, and we only all get together a couple of times a year.  But we get to be a part of each others’ lives on a daily basis as we share our joys and fears and frustrations and victories. Whether relaying potty training drama, sharing sleep training tears, venting work frustrations, or solving family dilemmas, we try our best to keep each other sane.  

So if I can encourage the use of only one Work Mom resource, it would be this.  Start a group text with a Happy Mother’s Day greeting and continue from there. Keep at least three people on the chain.  Life happens and we can’t (and shouldn’t!) always be on our phones at all times. Having more people means that if you can’t respond, someone else likely will.  And choose mamas that won’t judge. I’m serious – no judgment. You can give advice. You can use the group to judge a society in which Kate Middleton feels compelled to wear heels 7 hours after birth.  But you can’t use it to judge each other. The world has enough opinions – this is your place to celebrate life with those who know that each day you’re all doing your very, very best.

Happy Mother’s Day Work Moms, especially to my mama lifeline.  I hope you’re using this day to relax. But I encourage you to also use this day as a reminder that we’re all in this together.  Let’s encourage each other, one text at a time.