Leah Pastor, Illinois I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, trying to finish (well, let’s be honest…START) my sermon for Sunday.  My mind races with many distractions, including (but not limited to): My daughter’s 4th birthday party this weekend.  I should probably start planning. I’m meeting with the Business/ Land owners this Thursday.  Lord, please […]

Jackie Respiratory Therapist, Illinois I’m a health care specialist for Lincare. Lincare is a company that sells home medical equipment. We offer oxygen, CPAPs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. I enter people’s homes and assess them for any respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and sleep apnea. I love what I do, but occasionally struggle […]

Amanda Attorney, Virginia I was texting with a friend one afternoon about work mom frustrations.  We were feeling overwhelmed with the demands of trying to be a good attorneys and great moms at the same time.  “We should start an advocacy firm,” I jokingly told her, “where working moms, with no time or energy to […]