Share Your Story

Email me your stories, photos, preferred name, preferred location, and profession.  

Tell your story.  I will feature short, first-person narratives of approximately 150-350 words.  Share any story that helps tell your story as a work mom.  There’s no strict topic guidelines, but think about sharing personal anecdotes of your best moments, bad days, funny days, hard earned lessons, finding (or searching for) balance, workplace struggles, career decisions, or family life.  Stories can be as big as your biggest Work Mom fears or as simple as a funny story about what happened over breakfast.  

No preaching.  No shaming.  You exclusively nursed (or pumped) for 2 years?  Awesome.  You went straight to the formula?  Cool.  Feeding kids is good.  Oh, but that time you almost forgot to feed your kid breakfast in the rush to get out the door in the morning?  Feel free to tell that story too. Mom-ing is tough, and I’m going to start with the assumption that we’re all doing our very best, one day at a time.  I don’t intend to step into the mommy wars with this project.  

Be real.  I’m hoping to feature real stories and ideas so that we can give world (and ourselves) a peek into the lives of amazing and talented Work Moms.  This is not an advice column (although we can all learn from each other).  And while many of our stories will inevitably be hilarious, this is not the place for pure humor or funny lists (there are lots of great sites that already do this). 

Submit a photo (or two).  Please submit a photo to accompany your story.  It can be of anything that conveys your life or experience as a Work Mom.  Please include yourself in the photo in some way.  (As moms, we tend to inundate social media with adorable pics of our kids.  That’s okay, but this is a place to celebrate us!)  It doesn’t need to be a professional photo, but please submit a picture with good lighting and of high enough resolution to not be blurry.  (Also, if you’re a photographer that’s willing to help document our featured Work Moms, I’d love to hear from you.)

Editing.  I reserve the right to lightly edit your submission for length, proofreading, etc.  But if I do so, I’ll confirm all edits with you before the story is published.  (And I’ll always email you to give you a heads up before your story is published.)

Name.  I will use your first name only.  If you don’t want your first name to be published with your submission, please give me a middle name, nickname, etc. to use.  While I won’t link your submission to your personal social media accounts, I am not responsible for any personal identification that happens on social media (for example, if you or someone else tags your name on Facebook).  

Location.  I will list the place you submit with your story.  For example, you can submit your city or state, or if you prefer, I can list a more general location (such as “Midwest”).  

Profession.  When submitting your story, please also send me a general description of your profession in a couple of words.

Legal stuff.  (I’m a paranoid lawyer by day, sorry.)  By submitting stories and/or photos to Project Work Mom you certify that both the writing and photo(s) are your own and give Project Work Mom permission to use your photos and words on its website and social media accounts.