Why Project Work Mom?

I was texting with a friend one afternoon about work mom frustrations.  We were feeling overwhelmed with the demands of trying to be a good attorneys and great moms at the same time.  “We should start an advocacy firm,” I jokingly told her, “where working moms, with no time or energy to blog or go to moms’ groups or advocate on their own behalf, can hire us to help make their voices heard.”  We agreed it was a good concept and then went about our days.  But the idea stuck with me and I wasn’t sure why.  Later that week, at about midnight on a night when I couldn’t sleep, I realized why this was nagging at me: we working moms don’t need help advocating for ourselves.  In fact, we’re pretty good at making stuff happen when we need it to; we just oftentimes do so quietly and in our own way.  And where there’s lots of places on the internet where moms can find “advice,” I felt like the triumphs and struggles of working moms are oftentimes unique and unaddressed, leaving many of us feeling like we’re facing our battles alone.  I realized that, rather than someone to advocate on our behalf, we needed a place to share our stories and to collectively celebrate the amazing journey that is work mom-ing.  And so began Project Work Mom.

About me:  I’m Amanda Norris Ames, a mama of two and practicing attorney located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  When I’m not cheerleading Work Moms, battling a breast pump, or chasing a toddler, I enjoy yoga, running, and enjoying the food, wine, and beauty of Central Virginia.

I can be reached at amanda@projectworkmom.com.