Work Mom Resources: Mindful Return

I’ve often told the story of my futile attempt to find resources and guidance about returning to work from maternity leave after having my first child.  Surely there’s a good book on this, I thought, though (at the time) there really wasn’t. Thankfully, during some middle of the night Google searches, I came across Mindful Return, the blog and return to work e-course created by Lori Mihalich-Levin.  Lori quickly became one of my gurus, as I enjoyed her weekly emails, blog posts, and resources shared on Facebook. Her writing voice is a mix of mindfulness meets Type-A Work Mom, which I could easily identify with, and her tips (such as her weekly family meeting!) always seemed to come just when needed.  When it came time to return from my second maternity leave, I was excited to take her e-course and have since encouraged friends to do the same. And though I haven’t read it yet, I’m happy to report that thanks to Lori, I can no longer say that no books exist that focus on the issue of returning to work from maternity leave–Lori wrote the book herself!

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