I truly believe that when you have your first baby, two new creatures are born: an adorable new baby, and also a new grown up (mom!).  Never is this new identity more apparent to the Work Mom than on the first day back from maternity leave–whether that’s a couple of weeks or a couple of months after baby’s arrival.  Suddenly your schedule and your work relationships may be different, not to mention your previous work wardrobe may not fit and you may still be getting acquainted with your new best friend the breast pump.  Lauren Smith Brody calls this period the “Fifth Trimester,” and notes that this “complicated, challenging time can lay the groundwork for a whole career of working-parent balance and success.”  Her book, The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Babyaims to be the indispensable guide to achieving this balance and success.  While other resources focus on mindful strategies and leadership opportunities following maternity leave, I loved The Fifth Trimester because of its incredibly practical, incredibly detailed advice for a wide range of issues from style (advice on pumping-friendly wardrobes) to relationships (how to approach frequently-arising difficult conversations).  Brody acknowledges the post-maternity leave jitters that leave many moms feeling that they can’t possibly manage it all and must quit and counters with concrete and well-researched solutions for empowering new Work Moms.  An easy, straightforward read, The Fifth Trimester will make you laugh and make you confident in your new identities at work and at home.