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I started Project Work Mom after repeated disappointment in the lack of resources available to working moms returning from maternity leave.  As I pitched the idea to several friends, I was shocked to see that they were all completing a Super Woman size to-do list each day, all while managing to eat and shower and even occasionally work out.  But I also realized that they were all doing it in their own way. They just weren’t talking much about it (because who has the time?). I wanted to share these amazing Work Mom stories I was hearing with the world, so that other new moms could see the power in each mom’s unique life.  I plan to continue sharing these stories I hear as I profile diverse women around the country.

But I’m also planning to kickoff a series of posts about the tremendous resources I have collected and encountered in my Work Mom fact-finding mission.  Friends and strangers have recommended everything from books to blogs to products, which have made me think, made me smile, and even occasionally changed my Work Mom life.  At the #MakeTheBreastPumpNotSuck Hackathon, I had the privilege of meeting hundreds of advocates and innovators, who were working to make mothers’ voices heard and lives easier.  As Mother’s Day nears, I plan to start highlighting these resources, innovations, and ideas so that we can thank not just the mothers around us, but also those who make mothers’ lives better.  

Have a Work Mom resource that changed your world or maybe just made you sleep better at night? I’d love to hear about it!

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